After getting registered on online portals like snapdeal, amazon, flipkart, ebay etc. Sellers face difficulties like getting their products shot and listed/uploaded on the various panels of these portals. Taking it further step by step the first and most important step of this process is product photography. This requires various basic guidelines to be followed depending upon different portals. Thus for this task which maysound a tough one in the beginning can be made easy by Bring It Online media private limited as we have professional photographers for sellers havingrequirements for e commerce product photography in Gurgaon or product photography in Delhi . at and

There are certain constraints and limitations while performing product photography, like the background of the images has to be pure white and resolutions of the images should be as per the guidelines of various portals. All these things are very well taken care of by product photographers while performing the shoot. Also there are certain constraints such as number of views which are mandatory and some detailed views such as close ups of products are to be taken care of as well. So, that the detailed view of the product can reach to the buyer and he/she can feel its texture and material etc. And the most important factor is that at what resolutions you save your images because when they get listed on the portal there is this option for the buyers that they can have a look at them in the zoom view as well and for that the resolution of the images should be on the higher side so that images doesn’t get pixelated while getting zoomed in.

The above mentioned points are some of the basic rules and regulations for product photography and we have trained product photographers in Delhi, and trained product photographers in Gurgaon working with us. Who are well aware of all these rules and regulations and have been working as professionals in field of ecommerce photography and others. So,don’t be worried regarding any of these issues like where do I get my product sho0t from and listed from. You have one stop solutions for all your problems and can have them resolved in time and can reach out to you buyers at the earliest. As there is a storm in the field of ecommerce these days especially in India, though in other countries it has already emerged to a higher extent,but in India it’s still in the developing phase. Which clearly indicates that now is the right time to bang the hot iron with a hammer. As we all say Its now or never, but we here at Bring It online say It is now and ever and forever….. product photography gurgaon

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